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Kar Agro Company Company offers custom made solutions to the food & feed industry in every way. We provide the clients’ best possible solution for their logistics needs. is a dynamic, globally active trading company in food and feed commodities, both organic and non-organic products,We set the highest quality standards for all of our products. The topic of sustainability in particular is now a must and is also a priority in our production chain. When selecting our suppliers for the fish and seafood range, we have strict standards and pay attention to the origin and quality of the goods. In addition, the entire process of further processing and transport is carefully controlled and meets all legal requirements. This is the only way we can stand behind each of our products.


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Every day we make sure that the mills get their grain to make flour, which is the base for the bread we eat every day We ensure that farm animals get their feed. We ensure that the supermarket shelves do not remain empty and are stocked with the highest quality products. Even in difficult times of the pandemic, national conflicts and other crises/challenges that life may bring. We often work in the background rather than in the public eye, but we are an essential link in the supply chain of one of the most important pillars of life – food. At the same time, we always focus on pleasure and enjoyment: for us, our partners and for everyone who ultimately tastes our products.

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We are always ready to serve the best things for you. Our products include many kinds of fruit and vegetable, legumes, diary products, and animals which grown with affection and care, from farms that we carefully selected from all of the country.

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we help our customers find exactly what they are looking for, stay within their budget, and diliver the highest quality products on time

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Kar Agro Company Trading Company is proud of importing and distributing foodstuffs cooperation with the best brands around the iraq


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