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A dedicated operation complimented by trained staff, ever growing customer base and wide range of Halal product portfolio backed by a network of reputed suppliers from across the globe offering the best brands, brand food is proud of its achievements. Sustainability is at the heart of all we do. Our aim is to create long-term sustainable value for all our stakeholders – Our consumers, customers, business associates, employees, and the society at large.

Kar Agro  Company is specialized company in Meat Products, fruits, and canned food trading. We are the sole distributor for Processed Meat Products, canned food and fruits. We are also importing various other products and are the sole distributor of companies in other countries.


Work Experience Products are ordered a week in advance and given a thorough check up from our experienced professionals on arrival, to ensure that our contributions meet the top quality requirements. Local suppliers are contacted, allowing the distribution process of our produce to commence. The international companies we represent contribute to the high level standard which the brand uses to deliver satisfactory results.

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