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At Kar Agro, we prioritize excellence in quality.

Breakfast Necessities

Our customers adore our morning delights, including the rich flavors of Kurdish cheese, creamy yogurt, and invigorating Matcha. We take pride in crafting the most delectable offerings to satisfy their palates.

We strive for excellence in our production because we believe our cherished customers deserve nothing less than the very best


Prized for their sweet flavor and juiciness, these cherries are grown in the fertile lands of Kurdistan, renowned for their exceptional taste and quality.


Enhancing the flavor of food with carefully selected herbs, spices, or condiments, adding depth and richness of culinary creations.


Delicious fruits with juicy flesh and fuzzy skin,  known for their sweet taste and refreshing flavor, perfect for snacking or adding to desserts.

"Nurturing nature's bounty to bring joy and flavor to your table, one harvest at a time."

Kar Agro Company